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CBD Capsules Travel Pouch Relief 50mg (3-Pack)

by Vital Leaf
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Vital Leaf Relief CBD Capsules provide a convenient, discreet, and predictable dosing method. A simple, flavor-free option that’s perfect for a daily regimen or for addressing acute issues.

These high-potency capsules are made with CO2-extracted, full-spectrum, water-soluble CBD from non-GMO hemp to ensure high potency delivery to the bloodstream, through the digestive tract, and to the human EndoCannabinoid System. The technology used in this formulation is sometimes referred to as liposomal or nano-encapsulation. CBD processed in this way is protected to prevent being broken down during digestion, thus it transfers from the digestive tract to the bloodstream, and into the EndoCannabinoid System more effectively than other methods of administration.