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I have two pups, both have anxiety upon separation & loud noises. I tried the treat form from another brand and they REFUSED to touch them. If I was able to mash them up and mix them in food I saw no change in their temperament. I decided to try the Cured RAW PAW oil because this is the brand I personally use for myself and have had a great experience with everything I've tried thus far. While the pickier of my two pups still gives me a bit of trouble taking it, when it is taken the results were phenomenal. It helped both dogs relax and sleep - even on 4th of July during fireworks. While it wasn't a miracle worker and they still had some symptoms, everything was much more manageable.

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Cured Raw Paw CBD Oil For Dog, 250mg CBD

by Cured Nutrition
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Interested in high-quality CBD products for your dog? Cured Raw Paw is our high quality CBD oil designed specifically for your furry little friend. Use this at any time of day for calmness, inflammation reduction and overall wellness.

Add one serving to your dogs food, daily treat or directly drop into their mouth.

- 250mg dog tincture
- 60 servings
- Full Spectrum CBD Extract
- Organic MCT carrier oil

Recommended one serving per day for dogs 50lbs and over. For smaller dogs, start with 1/2 serving and evaluate from there.