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I find I get more extensive benefits from the RAW version with THC but this one still provides great benefits if you're looking for something that is THC-Free. The mint flavor is light and much more tolerable than the RAW version for novice CBD oil users. The only con is I can't mix it in my coffee which is one of my favorite ways to use. I also find Cured in general to have the best concentration options at a phenomenal price point while still having a great quality product. I typically find the oils most suitable to ease me through the day with anxiety/mood management.

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Classic Mint CBD Oil, 250mg CBD, 1oz

by Cured Nutrition
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Cured Classic Mint CBD Oil combines the great taste and smell of mint with the benefits of a CBD oil. Add our best-selling mint CBD oil to your daily routine to help support your body and mind, and maintain a balance of general health and wellness*.

First time users should take 1 full serving before bed to evaluate reaction. Everyone’s biochemistry is different and dosage will vary based on personal needs. If needed, up your dose until you reach the desired goals.*

- 16.7mg CBD per serving
- THC-Free
- Smooth, peppermint taste

hemp extract, grape seed oil, organic peppermint extract 30mL tincture available in 4 concentrations.

We make it easy to buy CBD oil online regardless of where you live with great choices for both THC-free CBD oil and Full Spectrum CBD oil. Cured Classic Mint CBD oil is THC-Free in addition to the following:

- Vegan
- Gluten Free
- No preservatives
- 3rd Party Tested