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Picked this drink up at the local Foxtrot Market store. Love the taste! Refreshing, not too sweet, not vinegary - just perfect 🍎🌱

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Honeycrisp Apple Basil CBD Drink, 12pk

by Vybes
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For mind + body well-being, we recommend consuming one bottle, chilled per day.

Drink VYBES in the morning, afternoon and evenings, after yoga, meditation or the gym.

Inside the bottle:
Serving/bottle: 14 ounces
25mg Hemp CBD
45 Calories
12g Sugar

Unfiltered Honeycrisp Apple Juice*, Lemon Juice*, Agave*, Basil*, Green Tea*, Malic Acid, Erythritol*, Hemp Extract, Stevia Leaf* & 100% LA Vibes!
*Organically produced