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This CBD is wonderful for my pets! I have two cats with extreme anxiety and whenever I give them this, they calm down and are so happy and loving. I use drops in their cat food and they eat it without knowing it is in there!

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CBD Pet Droppers for Pets, 1500mg CBD

by Infinite CBD
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Our favorite furry friends have endocannabinoid systems too. Just like you and the rest of the family, your cats and/or dogs would also enjoy some CBD. By activating the endocannabinoid system with CBD, your pet will maintain a healthy lifestyle. The combination of coconut oil allows for a healthier coat, clears up eczema, reduces allergies, improves digestion, and aids in arthritis and ligament problems. If your pet has a sensitive stomach, do not worry, the Pet Dropper is gentle enough for all diets. A Medium Pet dropper has 2.5 mg per drop or 1500 mg.

The Pet Dropper can easily be administered orally. Place desired amount into their mouth to absorb.
Have an open wound or skin irritation? Applying the Pet Dropper topically allows localize application to heal and recover faster.
If you can’t easily administer CBD orally, place desired amount on to a treat or into their water bowl.

Key Ingredients:
Coconut Oil: Incorporating coconut oil on a daily basis does more for your pets than you would think. From keeping a healthy coat and skin, to regulating the digestive system and bone strength, coconut oil is the perfect carrier oil for our pups or felines.