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AMAZING product. I will forever use this lip balm for the rest of my life. It's packed with a lot of CBD oil for the price, which is amazing. I use it about every other day - instead of every couple hours like normal lip balms. I have always had dry lips and nothing seemed to ever work for me. I would have to apply it over and over and over - annoying. It has a minty smell and goes on very very smoothly. I'd also say that it has about double the amount of product in it than a regular chapstick because of how thick the tube is.

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Moonlight CBD Lip Balm, 100mg CBD

by Infinite CBD
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This unique blend of CBD isolate with all-natural ingredients allows Moonlight, CBD Lip Balm to offer a wide range of uses. From chapped lips to rough cuticles, revitalize problem areas on your most sensitive skin with Moonlight, CBD Lip Balm while protecting from the sun’s harmful UV rays. Our recipe provides a cosmic experience to rejuvenate your lips and add a layer of protection to keep you going throughout the day.

Apply Moonlight, CBD Lip Balm to problem areas as needed. Using the dial at the bottom of the tube, twist to desired length.

- CBD Isolate
Useful for all sensitive skin types, CBD Isolate brings essential fatty acids that can give lips a more plump appearance. With the anti-inflammatory properties of CBD Isolate, this can help ease the irritation of chapped and dry skin.
- Coconut oil
Famous for anti-aging properties, Vitamin E & A content, improving skin elasticity and collagen production and overall hydration.
- Shea butter
Provides a combination of fatty acids and vitamins to improve overall skin appearance and softness.
- Beeswax
Offers anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties while equipping the skin with strong protection against external irritants – simultaneously allowing lips to breathe.
- Peppermint
Helps detoxify the skin and stimulates a cooling, refreshing experience.
- Limonene
Added for antioxidants, anti-inflammatory properties and subtle citrus tones.