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HOLY GRAIL. I had a rash that extended from my ear to the back of my neck that wouldn't go away. I tried different topical creams and medications, and nothing would clear it up. After being annoyed for over a week, I tried this CBD antiseptic soap and it cleared my rash completely up in two days. I will forever use this on any cuts or rashes in the future.

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Antiseptic CBD Soap Dark Matter, 100mg CBD

by Infinite CBD
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Dark Matter combines the antisepsis properties of a soap with the powerful benefits of CBD. When your skin is at its weakest, gently lather the abrasion with diluted Dark Matter to clean the area. Cleaning the open area with CBD allows the cannabinoid to directly target the skin to promote cell repair, reduce inflammation and fight infection. Prevent the spread of bacteria and infection, use Dark Matter when it matters most.

How to use:
Mix entire bottle into 500 ml of water, for best results. Mix with distilled water, lather, and rise.

Key Ingredients:
- CBD Isolate:
Promotes skin cell regeneration and growth.
- Potassium Soap:
Used as a cleaning agent and regulates pH balance.
- Lavender Oil:
Contains powerful antiseptic and antimicrobial properties. Application to wounds can increase cell growth for reduced heal time.
Glycerin: Helps prevent and fight dry skin.