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I love love love Uncle Bud’s products. The product keeps its promise and really helps to relieve sore muscles and joint aches super quickly. I love the fact that it is coconut scented (who doesn’t love a coconut smell?) it’s also not a heavy scent.. it’s just right. And also it is a roll-on and super practical.. goes in my purse no mess. It’s an effective CBD and the price is right! I would totally recommend it 👍🏻

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Muscle Revive Roll-On, 120mg CBD

by Uncle Bud’s
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Sore Muscles? Discover the benefits of pure CBD oil with Uncle Bud’s CBD Muscle Revive Roll-On. Our all natural formula aids in the relief of your achy and sore muscles in a convenient roll-On applicator. Developed with Uncle Bud's proprietary formulation utilizing CANATREX Plus™, our proprietary CBD infused formula of pure organic hemp seed oil combined with natural oils and other ingredients.

- Contains 120mg of pure CBD oil
- Aids in the relief of achy sore muscles
- Convenient Roll-On Applicator
- Coconut scented – no overpowering smell
- Supplement Rich – high in Vitamins A, D & E
- Omega Rich – Helps to maintain healthy skin
- Contains NO THC
- Made in the USA