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I use this brand daily to help with my anxiety. It takes a while to get used to the taste, but I do not mind it as much now. There are clear instructions on recommended uses right on the bottle so you know how to use the oil safely and effectively. For me personally, it took about a few days for me to see a difference but I notice that I can focus better at work. My mind does not seem to be as busy and I feel more relaxed. Great quality and made in the USA.

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CBD Oil, Ultra Premium, 500mg CBD

by CBD Bio Naturals
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- Each bottle contains 500mg of CBD, a cannabis compound with significant medical benefits but won’t make you feel ‘high’ , and instead induces a subtle state of tranquility, relaxation and bliss.
- Raw, Organic, Gluten-free, Non-GMO, Vegan with NO refined sugar and ZERO THC. This blend of Phtocannabinoid-Rich Hemp and MCT oil has a mild, neutral taste, similar to olive oil, but lighter in texture
- For people looking for relief from inflammation, stress, feelings of anxiety, and pain, without having to smoke or procure Marijuana. 1 oz / 30ml per one bottle order. Promotes feelings of calm and well-being, while easing feelings of anxiety, stress, and pain with just a few drops!

No solvents are used in the process, leaving behind only pure, clean Hemp Extract.

Our premium grade hemp oil infusion is independently tested and verified by 3rd party labs, to ensure purity and quality. Our zero-THC healing CBD oil is perfect for people looking to benefit from the proposed curative properties of hemp, without unwanted side effects and won’t make you ‘high’

Made from 100% non-GMO Colorado-grown hemp plants, farmed using strict organic farming practices.

- MCT Oil
- Phytocannabinoid Rich Hemp Oil

Place 1-2 droppers full of our CBD liquid under your tongue. Hold for 60 seconds. This can be repeated as often as necessary. Start with a single dose and increase to achieve desired effects.