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I never knew I had a problem with getting a good nights sleep until I tried these. My guess is that it allows my body to enter a more restful stage of sleep and when I wake up the morning after nights I remember to take these SkyNatural gel caps with Melatonin, I feel much more refreshed, happy, and well rested!

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Sky Naturals Night Gel Caps with Melatonin, 750mg CBD

by SkyNaturalsCBD
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Sky Naturals CBD Night Gel Caps with Melatonin contain 25mg of hemp extracted cannabidiol plus 1mg of Melatonin in each cap. This CBD is in a water soluble form which increases the body's absorption rate by 3-5 times.

+melatonin helps to control your daily sleep-wake cycles. People take melatonin to help induce the body's natural sleep cycle.

- 25mg of Cannabidiol per gelcap
- 1mg of Melatonin per gelcap
- Absolutely No THC
- USA Grown Hemp
- Free Shipping

Recommended Use
Adults take 1-2 gel caps 30-60 minutes before bed.