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I love that they make an olive oil infused with CBD with no noticeable taste, so I can effortlessly incorporate it whenever I want. It's great drizzled on salads and avocado toasts, as well as being used in cooking - I've used it in cooking eggs and it works great!

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Olive Oil, 1000mg CBD

by SantaCruzMedicinals
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Our 1000mg CBD infused Olive Oil is the perfect way to add anti-inflammatory CBD to a variety of dishes and recipes. We use the highest quality Organic Cold-Pressed Extra Virgin Olive Oil. The Olive Oil is absolutely delicious and has NO CBD taste at all. It is delicious and excellent for CBD infused meals.

Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil, CBD.

We believe that high doses of CBD are critical in lowering inflammation. We also believe that to feel the anti-anxiety benefits of CBD you need a therapeutic dose.
By putting in 1000mg of Lab Tested Colorado Sourced CBD, we have truly created a product that you will feel and will actually benefit you. No more small doses! Enjoy.