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Hector Benavides

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This energy shot is everything! I was feeling anxious and low in energy but after consuming it felt energized and ready for the world.

Helped with


almost 5 years ago

2 reviews

CBD Energy Shot, 12-Pack

by Sunday Scaries
2 reviews

12-Pack of Shots / 50 MG CBD Per Shot

Caffeine + CBD? Yes Please. One shot of our full spectrum CBD potion gives you the alertness of coffee, without the jitters. It’s the perfect pregame companion and will get you ready for any social setting. Don't have a wingman to help break the ice? Need a jolt before a networking event or just want a little extra energy after a sleepless night? Sip on this liquid courage and seize the moment, because You Only Live Once.

- Cannabidiol Extract (CBD)
- Vitamin B12
- Vitamin B6
- Organic Green Coffee Beans
- 5HTP
- Taurine
- Ginseng