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I purchased after a recommendation from a friend. I was apprehensive about using CBD oil, however I am very happy with the results. I wish that I would have considered and purchased years ago as it has helped tremendously. Thank you for your products, quality and efficiency

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pain relief

Advanced Large Dog CBD kit - 60 capsules + 10ml MaxCBD oil

by Canna-pet

Package: Canna-Pet® Advanced Large 60 capsules & 10ml MaxCBD Liquid. The Ultimate Advanced Capsules & MaxCBD Liquid Regimen 60 capsules lasts 30 days.

Ingredients: 100% organic hemp.

Plus one 10ml bottle of MaxCBD Liquid which last up to two months. Ingredients: 100% organic hemp. MaxCBD products have: much higher levels of CBD much higher levels of two dozen terpenes  improved absorption and bioavailability