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Masha Safina

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Got them for free (GUMMIE coupon) in sour with my order. Taste is nice, but i would prefer something more naturally tasting and less sugar (i understand that gummies are sugar coated usually, but this seemed a bit too much). That said, i enjoyed it as a complimentary item.

about 2 months ago

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CBD Sour Gummies, 200mg 20 count

by Reef
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Coupon get FREE gummies: GUMMIE

What’s sweet and sour and infused with cannabidiol goodness all in a single bite? You guessed it! Soft Chews Sours by Reef CBD are the newest craze in the CBD market, bringing all of the flavors to the yard in a single gummy!

Vital energy / Stress & anxiety relief / Healthy digestion / Mental clarity & focus
- Strengths Available 200mg
- Designed to be consumed orally
- Lab Tested
- 5-Star Quality
- 20 Softchews in one container
- Grown, harvested, produced, and tested in the USA
- Infused with 10mg of CBD per Soft Chew