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I purchased after a recommendation from a friend. I was apprehensive about using CBD oil, however I am very happy with the results. I wish that I would have considered and purchased years ago as it has helped tremendously. Thank you for your products, quality and efficiency

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250mg CBD Oil For Pets

by American Hemp Oil

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Reasons to pick American Hemp Oil: 250mg CBD Oil For Pets:
- All products are THC-free
- Each bottle of CBD drops contains 250mgs of pure CBD (.33oz or 10ml). Each ML will give you 25mgs of CBD.
- Each bottle gives you about 30 days of servings, some customers report they get almost 45 days.
- Each product has a third-party laboratory test right on this page so you know you’re getting the best product.

Directions for using American Hemp Oil: 250mg CBD Oil For Pets:
- Dogs up to 75lb it is recommended to start at 5mg-10mg per serving once or twice a day or as needed.
- Dogs 75lb or heavier it is recommended 10mg-20mg per serving once or twice a day.
- Cats it is recommended for 5mg-10mg per serving once or twice daily.
- The effects of the CBD drops will be felt within 10 minutes and sometimes immediately after it is absorbed.
- Always start at a low dose to see how your pet responds and increase the dosage by 5mg each time until your pet has the desired result.

Before adding any nutritional supplement to their diet, it is important to speak with your veterinarian first.