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I absolutely love this brand overall! Not only do they have several ways of taking Cbd bits it’s super affordable and highly effective . It’s doesnt get you really faded but more of chill mood . I take all the gummies at once because I have a tolerance for medicated gummies . The flavor is really tasty! It’s fruit and light but very potent !

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CBD Gummy 100mg

by Kushy CBD
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Anyone that knows our potent, iconic THC brand KushyPunch will tell you that medicated gummies are our bread and butter. Delivering the very best CBD gummies to our customers is what we do.

KushyCBD’s classic peach gummy contains 100mg of the highest quality CBD oil, which depending on how you are dosing can be 10 doses, four doses or a single dose. It’s made with organic ingredients, tapioca syrup instead of fructose or corn syrup, and harnesses all the goodness (cannabinoids, flavonoids, terpenes) and true potential of the plant.