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I recommend these gummies to almost all my friends who say they have insomnia or just any trouble sleeping in general. I love how quickly they work too! I only take one gummy at night if I really need it and I am suddenly in dream land!

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Pure CBD Hemp Gummy Bears [Night Time]

by Pure Relief
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Made with hemp-derived CBD and infused with melatonin, our Night-time Pure Hemp Gummy Bears are the perfect CBD sleep aid. These delicious hemp gummy bears combine all the soothing benefits of CBD and melatonin to provide users with an easy way to achieve a deeper and better sleep. Made with CBD extracts obtained from high-quality hemp, our Pure Hemp Bears have been formulated to be the best CBD sleep aid in the market. Our 30 count bag comes packed with 30mg of CBD per individual gummy for a total of 900mg of CBD per bag!