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I love this brand because it is made locally. I live in Upstate, NY and I am proud to be a customer of Tonic. I have recently been diagnosed with carpel tunnel in both wrists and it has been difficult to complete tasks at work. I didn’t want to depend on pain killers so I decided to give this a try. I have been using this roll on daily and I definitely see a difference in my wrists. I keep it right by my desk and use when needed. I love the smell also and makes me feel very calm. I also love Tonic’s design and packaging, it is very appealing compared to other CBD brands. Their quality is great and I look forward to trying more of their products.

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Chronic Tonic 300mg 99% Pure CBD

by Tonic Vibes
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original blend of CBD + essential oils to soothe chronic pain + inflammation
Pure CBD and a special blend of soothing essential oils creates a powerful way to target chronic inflammation, joint pain, menstrual cramps or migraines!